PT Wana Bakti Persada Utama

We are committed to maintaining a balance between production, conservation, and social responsibility that impacts the community’s welfare in the concession area, through multi-business practices and responsible forest management to support nature protection.

Our Concession Area

In our approach, there is a commitment to maintain balance - we strive to maintain a balance between conservation, production, and social responsibility in our efforts to utilize our forests.

44.402 ha

Total Concession Area

30 Years

Concession Permit

Wehea Kelay

Key biodiversity area

A Conservation Haven

PT Wana Bakti Persada Utama boasts a range of favorable characteristics from a conservation perspective :

Mature Forests

Our large areas contain unmodified mature forest structures that have sequestered significant carbon with minimal deforestation to date.

Minimal Intrusion

Our remote location has deterred illegal land clearing activity, ensuring the integrity of our forests.

Protected Landscape

Situated within a landscape of protected forests, we are devoted to safeguarding biodiversity.

Heart of Borneo

We proudly operate within the Heart of Borneo conservation area, contributing to the preservation of this global treasure.

Our Concession Location

Implementation of Sustainable Forest Management

Our commitment to sustainable forest management is strengthening. We support responsible forest management by developing sustainable forest management approaches. These encompass production, social and environmental aspects, and conflict resolution. We place a high priority on low-emission logging practices and low-carbon impact harvesting methodologies (RIL-C).


PT WBPU Gelar Pelatihan Budidaya Pohon Karet di 3 Kampung Adat Sekitar Wilayah Konsesi Perusahaan

PT WBPU Holds Rubber Tree Cultivation Training in 3 Traditional Villages Around the Company's Concession Area

Indonesia, with its abundant natural wealth, has extensive and diverse forests. However, sustainable forest management is a challenge for the government and production forest companies. One important initiative in this effort is to empower indigenous communities living around forest concession areas.

PT WBPU Salurkan Bantuan dalam Rapat Kerja Daerah  III Gereja Kemah Injil Indonesia Berau di Desa Long Keluh

PT WBPU Distributes Aid at the Regional Work Meeting III of the Berau Indonesian Gospel Camp Church in Long Keluh Village

On June 11 2024, PT Wana Bakti Persada Utama (WBPU) took part in supporting the Regional Working Meeting (Rakerda) III of the Indonesian Gospel Church (GKII) Berau which will be held at GKII Long Boy/Long Keluh Village which is one of the villages around the company's concession area. This support reflects PT WBPU's commitment to social responsibility and concern for the communities around the company's operational areas.

Penggunaan Teknologi LIDAR dan Logfisher dalam Penerapan Metode RIL-C di Hutan Produksi PT WBPU

Use of LIDAR and Logfisher Technology in Implementing the RIL-C Method in PT WBPU Production Forests

Production forests are an important asset for environmental balance and economic sustainability of a country. However, production forest management often poses complex challenges, especially in maintaining a balance between the use of natural resources and environmental conservation.