PHPL Certification Activities in the PT WBPU Production Forest Concession Area

In the midst of concerns about the impact of climate change and the decline in environmental quality, forest conservation efforts are becoming increasingly crucial. In Indonesia, as a country with abundant natural wealth, the existence of production forests is very vital. To ensure sustainable forest management, Sustainable Production Forest Management Certification (PHPL) is an irreplaceable standard.

Production Forests and the Parties Who May Manage Them in Indonesia

Forests are one of the most valuable natural assets for Indonesia. Apart from being a residence for various flora and fauna, forests also provide great economic benefits. One type of forest that is important in an economic context is production forest. What exactly is meant by production forest, and who has the right to manage it in Indonesia?

Diversity of Avifauna (Birds) in the PT WBPU

Forests are one of the most valuable ecosystems on the face of the earth. In it there is a very diverse range of life, including avifauna or birds which play an important role in maintaining the balance of nature. Avifauna diversity not only provides the charm of natural beauty, but also has enormous benefits for the environment and humans. PT Wana Bakti Persada Utama

The Importance of Flora Diversity in PT WBPU

PT Wana Bakti Persada Utama (WBPU) carried out inventory data updating activities related to biodiversity in the company's concession area located in the Wehea Kelay Landscape in September 2023. One of the important points of this research is about the diversity of flora in this area. Together with the National Innovation Research Agency (BRIN) for Ecology and Ethnobiology Research, they noted that there were

What is the Sustainable Forest Program?

Indonesia, as a country with abundant natural wealth, has a big responsibility in preserving the environment. One of the concrete steps taken is through the Sustainable Forest program. The Sustainable Forest Program in Indonesia is a Government initiative to manage forests sustainably, with a focus on conservation, restoration and wise use of natural resources. This program was launched

Why Kalimantan?

Known as the lungs of the world, rainforests provide 20 percent of the earth's oxygen. As we address the increasingly urgent climate crisis and protect ecosystems

Protected Landscape

Situated within a landscape of protected forests, we are devoted to safeguarding biodiversity.

Mature Forests

Our large areas contain unmodified mature forest structures that have sequestered significant carbon with minimal deforestation to date.