PT WBPU Distributes Aid at the Regional Work Meeting III of the Berau Indonesian Gospel Camp Church in Long Keluh Village

On June 11 2024, PT Wana Bakti Persada Utama (WBPU) took part in supporting the Regional Working Meeting (Rakerda) III of the Indonesian Gospel Church (GKII) Berau which will be held at GKII Long Boy/Long Keluh Village which is one of the villages around the company's concession area. This support reflects PT WBPU's commitment to social responsibility and concern for the communities around the company's operational areas.

PT WBPU Conducts 2025 RKT Area Survey

PT Wana Bakti Persada Utama (WBPU) carried out survey activities in the 2025 Annual Work Plan (RKT) area, on Sunday (19/05). The activities carried out in an area of 1.142 Hectares aim to collect data and information to prepare annual operational plans for forest management.

Intensive Silviculture Approach at PT WBPU as an Implementation of the RIL-C Method

In the midst of ever-increasing demands for wood resources, the forestry industry in Indonesia is at a crossroads that demands innovation in forest management. One approach that is increasingly being considered is intensive silviculture, a strategy that focuses on increasing forest productivity through the use of techniques and greater human intervention.

100% Forest Inventory as PT WBPU's commitment to carrying out the RIL-C stages

Indonesia, as a country with abundant natural wealth, has a forestry sector which is one of the economic pillars. Production forest management, including production forest concessions, is a key element in maintaining a balance between the use of natural resources and environmental conservation. Forestry practices play an important role in balancing the need for wood and environmental conservation.

PHPL Certification Activities in the PT WBPU Production Forest Concession Area

In the midst of concerns about the impact of climate change and the decline in environmental quality, forest conservation efforts are becoming increasingly crucial. In Indonesia, as a country with abundant natural wealth, the existence of production forests is very vital. To ensure sustainable forest management, Sustainable Production Forest Management Certification (PHPL) is an irreplaceable standard.